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Bedroom Furniture


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Choosing a bedroom can be tricky, but we all want a sense of luxury in our surroundings when we go to bed and when we wake up in the morning. In this article we are going to help you choose from a variety of styles and designs at Inspiration.

1) You should know exactly what you need

Do you need an entire bedroom set or just a few specific pieces? Are you replacing your old bedroom with a new one, complementing your existing room or redesigning it?

Knowing your goal before you go for shopping is very important to stay on track and leave with the right purchase that you really need.

So, at first you should determine what piece(s) of bedroom furniture you are looking for and what are you going to use it for:

– For sleeping: you will surely need a bed, which includes a bed frame with specific dimensions that will fit in your room, headboard, footboard, box spring, and a suitable mattress.

– For convenience: Commodes that must have the right height and size to suit your new bed and table lamps to add warm light into your room.

– For storage: you will need a dresser, vanities or both.

– For entertainment: for your TV you will need a TV stand unit.

2) Choose between Style or Savings?

Most of the decisions we make over our bedroom furniture are based on style. There are too many choices to choose from: classic, traditional, contemporary, modern, country, trendy and so on. For some, style is the most important factor. For some, the decision can be easily determined by budget according to their financial situation. When it comes to style vs. cost, it’s important to know which side you are on.

Decide before you go into the store if you’re more concerned with the furniture style or the amount you will spend. Do a full research and look for the various furniture styles available for your price range. If you discover you have an expensive taste that exceeds your budget, your options are:

– No hurry, Just Wait and save up more to buy what you really want, and don’t settle unless you can afford the style that suits your taste.

– you can also wait for sales occasions, coupons and special offers and discounts that can bring the price down

3) Consider the Long-term

People don’t actually buy new bedroom furniture every year or two; – for the vast majority of shoppers, it’s a significant investment that will last for years, perhaps even decades. This is yet another instance in which the furniture style plays an important role. Before you buy something, make sure it’s something you’ll be able to live with for a long time. Keep the following suggestions in mind to preserve both style and flexibility:

  • Go for a classic look: wood is timeless, and a simple wooden bedframe would go with any decor style.
  • Some things just never go out of style. From canopy beds with royal beginnings to Chesterfield sofas which perpetually stand as a symbol of luxury and sophistication, these furniture pieces have and will continue to hold a piece of history when it comes to a home’s design.

4) Measure your space

When it comes to designing the décor for any room, it’s critical to be aware of the available space. Trying to squeeze bulky furniture into a small space will make you feel uncomfortable, so, plan ahead how much space you can set aside to perfectly accommodate furniture pieces in your room.

5) Be Prepared

Be Prepared to visit our Inspiration furniture showroom, there are a few things you can bring to make your final decision easier:

  • The exact dimensions of your room, as well as any existing furniture, that you have already in it.
  • Dimensions of your bedroom and entrance door frame to ensure your new purchase fits, if you’re not sure how to get the exact measurements , our technical office can provide you with a specialist Engineer to do it for you.
  • A list of the items you’ll need, along with your overall budget
  • If you’re trying to fit your new piece of furniture to the rest of the décor, take photos of your room.

Choosing your next bedroom furniture should be easy by then. All it takes is a little time to ensure a fast and easy purchase.

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