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Welcome to Inspiration, one of the best furniture showrooms in Egypt. We provide the finest in luxury home décor. You’ll find the highest quality products available in our showroom. And there is nothing like our range for size or details, whether you require lighting, furniture, wall décor, or home accessories. Be sure to get everything you need at Inspiration.

Explore a variety of luxurious home décor designs on our website.  You may get modern, classic, and contemporary styles at Inspiration. In addition to styles from other countries. The cottage, seaside, country, villa, and manor styles are just a few examples of styles that represent particular house architecture. You’ll find everything you’re looking for at Inspiration.

The latest in contemporary, modern, and classic style are available in our showroom, In addition to the best living room sets, dining room sets, bedroom sets, reception sets, lighting, outdoor furniture, and more, our carefully chosen collection of luxury home décor features over 500 products. If a set isn’t what you need right now, you can buy individual items like dressers , dining room tables , bookcases , beds ,consoles, chandeliers, table lamps, mirrors , wall décor, table accessories.

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Are you starting afresh in a new house? Perhaps you’re preparing for a total house renovation? Finding new pieces for your house is exciting in any case! Choose from our wide selection of designs to enhance existing décor or entirely transform your living area. Inspiration can make your dreams come true whether you require a sofa , arm chair or an accent chest.

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Dining Area

Find luxurious dining room sets that will maximize your enjoyment of meals. In your dining area, you socialize, dine, and drink beverages. One of your home’s most used areas. Your dining room table is the center of it. Because of this, you must carefully consider the look, size, and strength of the table you buy. Dining room tables are available in a range of sizes, designs, and styles. You should take your time to select the best one for your house.

Inspiration Furniture | Dining Room Set


Style your bedroom with items that provide relaxation. Choose a bed that help you get fantastical dreams. To complete the beautiful room of your dreams and fit your life into it, add a matching commodes, dresser, wardrobe and nightstand.

Inspiration Furniture | Bedroom set

Inspiration Lighting sets the mood for your home’s overall design. A room is elevated by perfect lighting. Lighting units bring your home the ambiance and texture it needs. Different types of light can have an impact on a room’s atmosphere. At Inspiration, you will find lights for your dining room, bedroom, living room, entryway, kitchen, and bathroom.

Inspiration Lighting | Lighting Project

Home Decor
Personalize the décor and accessories in your house to show off your sense of style. Wall décor defines and elevates the style and look of a space. Accessories will tie in pieces of luxury home décor to a space, highlighting them just perfectly. Shop Inspiration’s wall décor, mirrors and home accessories to finish the style and feel of your living space.


Inspiration wall decor | Wall Decoration Units

For design ideas, check out our inspiration blog.

Bedroom Furniture

Choosing a bedroom can be tricky, but we all want a sense of luxury in our surroundings when we go to bed and when we wake up in the morning. In this article we are going to help you choose from a variety of styles and designs at Inspiration.

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