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Luxury Classic Chandeliers

We specialize in manufacturing chandeliers, which are produced by our factory in Cairo Egypt. Since 2000 , Inspiration has been known for producing magnificent glassware and chandeliers, and throughout history, our chandeliers have adorned numerous palaces and beautiful buildings. Our crystal chandeliers are the image of style, Luxury and art, illuminating luxurious residences, royal palaces, and notable houses all over the world.  As a result, we can provide the highest quality lighting for your residence or project at the required duration.

A Chandelier is undoubtedly the most crucial complementary component of interior design in the living areas. Classic Chandeliers are made especially for people who adore classic furniture and our classic models are made to go with classic furniture already in the room. In the Classic Categories, there are dozens of various models available where the desired modifications in size and color can be achieved. classic chandelier designs use high-quality materials, that don’t change color overtime. High-quality crystal stones from (Asfour Crystals) were used to overcome years of difficulty in the strength of the various candlestick designs developed. The collection includes chandeliers in the forms of simple models, crystal chandeliers, diamond-form, round-form chandeliers.

The features of classic chandeliers

The classic chandelier designs by Inspiration are produced with “handmade” crafting, and any color and size combination is possible. Unlike ready-made chandelier models, Inspiration models of classic chandeliers are not the same as we can manufacture chandelier designs created by you in addition to hundreds of other models and styles that suits the general décor of the space. 

These impressive and elegant Classic chandeliers are masterpieces that were expertly made from original designs. Our classically-styled chandeliers will produce a memorable focal point in your house, from stunning crystal to masterfully crafted metallic arms.

Classic chandeliers provide a splash of elegance to any room. They can provide living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways a lovely and classy touch. They include details like gracefully curved arms, sparkling crystals,  shining and charmingly classic finishes. These ageless classics are both Luxurious light fixtures and works of art.

Explore our massive collection of classic Chandeliers that will suit your home’s design.

Classic Chandeliers

. Chandelier Size guide

Although the size of a chandelier can range from relatively large to massive, the ideal chandelier for your home will depend entirely on the size of the room in which it will be installed as well as the other design elements and furnishings of that room. In the end, you’ll be looking for a cohesive interior composition in which all the different elements combine to produce a strikingly beautiful and incredibly useful environment. Scale and proportion matter just as much as the design of the chandeliers themselves.

The size of a chandelier can be easily determined in an open space. Add the room’s length in feet and width in feet to get the total length in inch. For instance, a living room measures 13 by 22 feet. These two add up to 35. A 35-inch-wide chandelier is the ideal size for this living area.

Similarly, a chandelier should be around 15 inches wide if it is to be hung in a bathroom that is 6 feet by 9 feet. You can see that a 25-inch chandelier would appear to be too big by using this rule.

Let’s think about the height now that you know how wide your chandelier should be in an open space. The chandelier should be between two and three inches tall for every foot of ceiling height. A chandelier between 18 and 27 inches tall will work on a typical 9-foot ceiling. The size of anything depends on how it appears in relation to your room. chandeliers must be taller in higher ceilings area.